Cookies on MondoXChange™

MondoXChange™ requires cookies to remember some basic choices. If you disable cookies in your browser you will not be able to sign in to until you enable your browser to accept cookies again.

A cookie is a tiny text file that only contains data, no code. Cookies are placed on your device by many websites you visit and are widely used to make websites more functional, or work more efficiently.

We do not use many cookies because we store most of your preferences and choices against your member account so it can remember them between various devices and browsers you may use.

Are Cookies dangerous?

No, they are not. Cookies can't execute programs, nor can they be used to spy on you. Cookies are nothing more than a tiny record consisting of a domain that set the cookie, an expiration date and the name/value pair. Cookies are highly restricted by the browser and can't be made to compromise your device, they are simply text and nothing more.

How we use cookies, and why?

These are the only cookies we use as we store most preferences against your member account to remember your personal choices across various devices and browsers you may use.

My cookies are enabled, but why is it still not working?

One possibility is that you may be running software that interferes with cookie usage. There are many filtering and blocking software packages available for internet users, and many of them also filter cookies. If you are running software like this, your computer may not receive or send cookies. This will cause websites you visit to assume you are not accepting cookies.

Another possibility is that your device may be behind a firewall or proxy server that prevents cookie transmission. This is most likely in a corporate environment. So, regardless of how your browser is set, cookies won't be sent or received by your browser. Since the cookies aren't making it through to your browser, the website will assume you personally aren't accepting them.

How do I manage cookies in my browser?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari all allow some level of cookie verification.
They have menu options that allow you to accept all, some, or none of your incoming cookies.

Effective 20 May 2020, Version C1.00